A diamond’s strength comes from the complex relationship it shares with light, which is impacted directly by its cut. Diamonds have a unique ability to reflect and manipulate light to maximize their brilliance. This brilliance is achieved through the symmetry, proportions and polish of a diamond. A well cut diamond will possess a combination of brightness, fire and scintillation; in other words it will be bright and sparkle intensely.

diamond diagram
Diamonds that are not cut properly lose light through the sides and bottom of the diamond resulting in a poor, less brilliant diamond and a lesser cut grade. Cut grading is determined by looking at a diamond’s overall face-up appearance, fire, brightness, scintillation, weight ratio, durability, polish and symmetry.  Based on this criteria, a diamond can receive one of 5 cut ratings.

  • Excellent – the top score with an event pattern of bright and dark areas
  • Very Good – increased darkness in the pavilion mains
  • Good – shallow pavilion angle produces dark pavilion mains
  • Fair – lack of contrast and general darkness
  • Poor – poor rating mostly based upon it’s weight ratio