Custom Creations

Our simple five stage process guarantees we will meet and exceed your design expectations. It will begin with a private consultation where we explore together how to turn your diamond dreams into a beautiful, vivid reality. Our experienced design team will listen carefully to you thoughts and offer creative ideas as well as special individualized features which will enhance the design of your jewelry.

Upon your approval, we will produce a personalized computer-aided design (CAD) for your review. You now have the opportunity to inspect your production in great detail from four different angles. This takes the guess work our of custom design and leaves nothing to chance, assuring that you will receive exactly the piece you desire.

Our fail-safe method includes the next stage of wax modeling.  The wax is a replica of the final product, allowing you a further detailed inspection in a three-dimensional form.  Please note that you have complete control over every design element. Only after you try on and approve the wax model do we continue to the casting stage.

Our select staff of highly-trained artisans now focuses all of their attention on perfecting your jewelry, working together to attain the highest standard of excellence.  Upon completion, our quality control team inspects the final product in painstaking detail guaranteeing you will simply adore your custom-produced jewelry.

At D. Diamante, it’s Excellence Every Time.